YBBII Website: New Design & Features

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Hello Buddies!
Your website has a new look.
Check out your new website!
This new template is easily used on all devices like tablets and phones.

Check out your Events Calendar on News and Events page.
Each event can be clicked on for details.

You may notice the slideshow presentation of various wallpapers being used on the 'Welcome' page.
I would like to use photos of buddies at meetings or various events.
I need nice clean photos that are not too busy; simple but clear.
These photos must be at their original size (960x720) and not condensed.

Also, if anyone out there is an artist and would like to design some wallpapers to be featured on YBBII website please make!

Please send photos and artwork to artistreehugger@gmail.com or raelea@raelea.com
Do not zip a file of photos as the will reduce the size.
Attach full size renders only and 2-3 at a time at most via email.

Thanks and Enjoy!

Support Group Meeting
2nd Thursday Every Month 7pm-9pm
Palms West Hospital classroom 2

Newsletter 2017 July-Sept