Annie Appleseed: CAM

14th Annual Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference

Register for CAM
Start Time: 2PM Thursday – February 27, 2020
End Time: 5PM Saturday – February 29, 2020
Arrive a bit earlier to register and pick up your conference bag and material.

Annie Appleseed Project's 14th Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference (CAM4Cancer) is OPEN

Keynote address from Ralph Moss, PhD, author, activist, cancer survivor
We'll also hear from amazing Patient/survivor/Advocates
Organic meals, snacks and great giveaways, with networking, fun and warm South Florida weather
West Palm Beach location, across from the PBI airport with FREE shuttle to/from hotel
We've signed up (they volunteer to participate) Speakers with fascinating information who will talk about the EVIDENCE-base for the use of natural strategies for cancer.

Come join us, learn, laugh, LIVE.

Link to conference page

From a 2004 presentation at the Am Assoc for Cancer Research:

"Diet High in Certain Fruits, Vegetables, Oils Suggested

One form of vitamin E appears to offer protection against development of bladder cancer, while a second form has no beneficial effect, say a team of researchers led by M. D Anderson.

In a five-year study, which included 468 newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients and 534 people without cancer, researchers found that high dietary intake of alpha-tocopherol, one form of vitamin E, significantly reduced the risk of developing bladder cancer.

But gamma-tocopherol, which is consumed in greater amounts than alpha-tocopherol in the United States, offered no protection, say the researchers led by Xifeng Wu, M.D., PhD., associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology at M. D. Anderson.

The research, which was conducted by M. D. Anderson epidemiologists and nutritionists from Texas Woman’s University, was presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research March 2004"

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